The below statement is attributable to Howard Maclean, Convenor, Greater Canberra.

Today, Labor and the Greens agreed on language for an amendment to the Government’s Planning Bill to insert housing affordability as a standalone principle of good planning.

In our new outcomes based planning system, the principles of good planning define the outcomes. It was a major deficiency that the original Bill didn’t include housing affordability principles, given the key role that planning plays in housing costs, as well as the provision of public and social housing. Over the past year, we have advocated for a standalone housing affordability principle in our submissions to the Government and the Assembly. The committee inquiry into the Bill recommended these new principles, and we’re pleased to see that the amendment implements this recommendation.

One of the core roles of our planning system is to enable the housing - public and private - that our growing city needs, in places where they are needed most. These new housing affordability principles help ensure that the planning system is oriented towards this core responsibility. This is a major victory for every Canberran, and will meaningfully push our planning system to deliver the housing we need.

With the final form of the Bill now agreed between Labor and the Greens, we look forward to working with our coalition partners in Missing Middle Canberra and all three parties to progress meaningful zoning reform in the new Territory Plan to enable more well-located medium-density homes - public, social and private.

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