The below statement is attributable to Howard Maclean, Convenor, Greater Canberra.

Last week’s ACT Legislative Assembly report into the interim Territory Plan makes it clear - Canberra’s planning laws are standing in the way of climate action and abundant housing.

As Missing Middle Canberra partners have been calling for since the start of our campaign in February last year, the committee recommended allowing more medium-density housing in the RZ1 zone and allowing more homes near local shops and community amenities.

The committee also recommended reversing the sudden ban on residential development in the Phillip Trades Area, which will allow more well-located housing near the amenities of Woden town centre.

Importantly, these recommendations received tri-partisan support from committee members. Since the report was released, Chair Jo Clay MLA has reiterated The Greens’ support for upzoning all RZ1 Suburban Zone areas to the medium-density RZ2 Suburban Core zone, consistent with the calls of the Missing Middle Canberra campaign. Mark Parton MLA has reiterated the Canberra Liberals’ support for allowing duplexes on RZ1 blocks larger than 700m2. We applaud the committee for their work and these important recommendations.

This tri-partisan consensus is the outcome of a 5 year long conversation about planning in our city, a consensus that is also reflected in the party platforms of both ACT Labor and the ACT Greens.

The government should act on this consensus by beginning the process of a Territory Plan amendment now. That way, Canberrans can go to the polls in October with a draft amendment on the table. The housing crisis is too urgent and the process too long to wait until 2025 or 2026.

We are now all in furious agreement of the direction and necessity of reform. It’s time to get on with the job.

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